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Do you have enough furnishings but don't know what to do with them? 

Do you want a new look but don't want to remodel

Do you want or need new furnishing but don't know what to buy

A Room Revamp is the solution.  This unique service will transform your space in just one day.  The process of Visual Coordinations will be applied to your space using your furniture, artwork and accessories to give new life to your space. 

Schedule a room evaluation to share what is important to you in your home and the challenges you want to overcome.  During this time, we will determine the amount of help we need and the price of your Room Revamp.   Then we can schedule a day for the work to be done.   After the work is complete, we will discuss any additional items that will complete your “new” space.   Shopping for furniture and accessories will have a service charge.  

I guarantee that you will love your visually coordinated room. 

If not, we will move everything back where it was, and you will not be charged.  



Are you considering a kitchen remodel but can’t afford high end cabinets? 


Check out Ben’s Repurposed Cabinets and use my design services to create the kitchen of your dreams.  If used cabinets are not your cup of tea I have new cabinet options like Fabuwood and Crown that we can explore.


I use a design program that will help you visualize your space and create floorplans that you or your contractor can use for installation.  I am here to help you select countertops, tile, flooring, and fixtures to complete the look of your kitchen.  The kitchen is the heart of the home and I want you to  love and enjoy it for years to come. 


Dry and Wet Paint




          Color is emotive.

          Color is personal. 

          Color is complex. 

I am a Certified Color Expert and I use a Six Step Color Read process.  Together we will develop and color perfect scheme for your home. 

Color Consultation


Are you moving?
Are you downsizing?
This can be an incredibly stressful time, and my staging and move-in services can help.  A home that is for sale and staged using Visual Coordinations will be more pleasing to the buyer, resulting in a timelier sale and the best price possible.  After the sale of your house, let me help you get settled in your new space.  As your items are unpacked, we will place them using the steps of Visual Coordinations so your new house will become a “home” right when you move in.   

Schedule a Movin' and Stagin' evaluation before your home goes on the market or before you move.  At the evaluation we will determine how much work needs to be done and the price of the service.   After the Movin’ or Stagin’ is complete we will discuss any additional items that will complete the new space.  Any shopping or additional consultations will have a service charge.  

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