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meet Sandra

Hi, I’m Sandra, a home decorator and redesigner.  


As a child, I remember spending hours rearranging the furniture in my dollhouse, and when I was big enough, I started rearranging my bedroom furniture.  One of the best gifts I received was a bedroom makeover when I turned 13.  The makeover included soft peach paint on the walls, re-painting my metal bed, and curtains sewed out of sheets that matched the new bedspread.  I was truly delighted! I still remember the sense of beauty and comfort I felt in that bedroom transformation. Into my adulthood, I continued rearranging my furnishings in the apartments and houses where I lived, searching for that feeling of beauty and comfort in every space.  


In 2005 I discovered the book “Decorating for Good” by Carole Talbott.  The author described a unique furniture placement technique called Visual Coordination.  This step by step technique can be applied to any style and in any room.  I applied the steps for the first time to my own living room, and I was amazed at the results!!  I had never thought of putting my room together like this, and to this day my living room furniture arrangement has stayed the same because it feels right.  I became inspired to pursue my certification in Visual Coordinations.  

For the last 15 years as a certified Visual Coordinator, I have applied this technique throughout the various positions I have held in the design industry.  I have been a kitchen designer, furniture showroom designer, and personal home designer, transforming virtually every room in the home. 


So, from the time I was a child playing with my dollhouse to designing spaces today,  I am keenly aware of how your surroundings affect the way you feel, and the way you live.  I would genuinely love the opportunity to help create a space for you to love and enjoy. 

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