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Featured in Local Newspaper

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

In 2009 I was featured in the Reporter-Herald.

By Jennifer Leigh Johnson

Reporter-Herald photos - Steve Stoner

Sandra Spence has what it takes to turn a boring, unattractive room into the ideal retreat. "it is unbelievable," said Loveland resident Cindy Childs of her newly redesigned living room. "I can't believe it is the same house."

With a little rearranging and redecorating, Spence offers individuals the chance to change a room's appearance without buying anything. "I work with what the client already has to give the room a new look and a new feel," she said. Spence uses a technique called Visual Coordinations - a design formula that aligns interior pieces with the architecture. Visual Coordinations, developed by designer Carole Talbott, has been heralded as one of the most popular quick-fix interior design and decorating methods. "I was trained and certified as a visual coordinator in Denver by Lynn Martin, who was trained by Carole (Talbott) herself," explained Spence. "This technique has proven to work every time for every type of room."

In April 2008, Spence opened Spence ReDesign, offering her Visual Coordinations expertise to Northern Colorado residents. "I went to my neighbor's open house over Christmas and fell in love with a room she had redesigned by Sandra," explained Childs. Childs wanted to change her "boring and bland" living room into a space she would enjoy. "I ended up getting exactly what I hoped for," said Childs. the process begins with a 30-minute evaluation of a room. Spence then removes everything from the room to start the redesign with a blank slate. "After I find the focal point of the room, I address it with the largest piece of furniture and it just builds from there.... it's like putting a puzzle together," explained Spence. Before working on a room, Spence said it is very important that the client begin the process with an open mind. "I look at things in a completely different way than how a client may have thought to. It is important for them not to have any preconceived notions of what should go where."

Although clients are welcome to watch during the redesign, Spence would rather they wait until the room is finished. "It's like being on HGTV home makeover show - very exciting and suspenseful. All of my clients have been very complimentary afterward and can't believe the difference I have made...their reactions are priceless." Although Spence charges $350 (prices have increased) for the first room of a redesign, her services tend to do much more than a new piece of furniture would. "You cannot buy something for $350 that's going to give the same look and feel I can with a redesign" she said.

With a typical redesign taking five to six hours to complete, the process is much more than throwing a few pillows around and putting things in different places. "Sandra really is like Super-woman," said childs. "She know how to work with the house to really make it pop. We've already discussed her coming back to redesign our family room." Childs is not the first of Spence's clients to ask her to come back - something Spence takes as the highest compliment of all. "My motto is to love and honor your home," said Spence. "I want to enhance your taste and style, and create a home you will be proud of and enjoy."

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