before and after




AFTER - resize.jpg


The quarantine due to COVID-19 was making it hard for the Caldwells to look at their living room one more day.  The sofa seemed too big for the space and the coffee table they inherited from a family member wasn’t quite right. After getting a tour of the home, Sandra learned that a special tapestry had been rolled up and hidden in a corner for years.  After rearranging what already existed and applying the process of Visual Coordinations to their living room, it was discovered that:

  • The couch that they thought was too big actually fit nicely.

  • The coffee table was perfect for the space.

  • The special tapestry needed to be out where it can be enjoyed.

The Caldwells are now enjoying a more cozy and peaceful space.

The polar bears,

it's so beautiful and I'm

so happy to see them! 


I didn't think my stuff  

could look this good. 




Nuffer family room resize.JPG


The Nuffers love their rustic, Colorado country-style family room, but they thought it needed something new to freshen it up.  They decided to do a Room Revamp before spending any money on new furnishings. 

  • A TV hutch from the bedroom that was not being used tied in with the Colorado country style.

  • Putting the furniture at an angle filled in the long narrow room and made the space more inviting.

  • Getting rid of some old knick knacks that were collecting dust also freshened up the space. 

The Nuffers discovered that a Room Revamp was far less expensive than buying new furnishings, and it gave them the fresh look they wanted. 

I can't tell you the difference

this has made in my home.

Having Sandra redesign

my home was worth every



Childs living before.JPG




After seeing the Room Revamp in their neighbors’ home, the Childs wanted to change their “boring and bland” living room into a space they would enjoy.  Less than a month later a Room Revamp was done in their living room. Sandra swapped furniture and artwork from different parts of the house to create a visually-coordinated room. 

  • Nothing was compromised in other parts of the house to complete the living room. 

  • A new rug from storage was used and anchored the space perfectly.

  • In an afternoon the living room became a space to enjoy. 

They were so happy with the results they decided to revamp the dining room and family room too.   


I ended up getting exactly

what I hoped for.  I can't

believe it is the same room in the same house. Sandra knows how to work with the house to really make it pop. 






The Serrys were deciding if they were going to love their home or if they were going to list it.  In either case, things needed to be updated.

They believed that moving was the only way to feel new again.  To help with their decision, the Seerys decided to include a Room Revamp.  Sandra learned what was important to the family and used the techniques of Visual Coordinations to transform their living room.

  • The coffee table that had been pushed in the corner found a new home.

  • The bookcases now display items that reflect the family hobbies and history. 

  • The fireplace is now highlighted with a picture that they already owned.  

The Seerys have decided to love their home a little longer.   

What a difference! 

It feels so grown up. 

That's it, the Guitar Hero

is moving down to the